Prof Amjad Salamat

Dear Colleagues, It is a great pleasure and privilege to host the 15th PSSLD conference in Islamabad Serena. It is indeed a time of uncertainty and difficult decisions. This was the situation when we decided to hold the hybrid conference, to balance the need for face to face interaction without compromising educational objectives.

Our team and sponsors have worked hard to bring the best of hepatology updates, state of the art lectures, post-graduate course and something and lot for everybody’s interest. I urge my colleagues in General Practice, Hepatology, Gastroenterology and General Medicine to grace the occasion and benefit us with their participation, opinions and queries.

I assure you, participants will find the star studded event to their benefit and to their patients benefit ultimately. You will enjoy the ambience of Serena, interact with your Colleagues and peers, exchange ideas and take happy memories home.

The foreign faculty is really from all around the world and will enrich your experience of the event tremendously, this is not to forget the national legends imparting knowledge, experience and insights to a wide audience live and on line.

Please let us know your feelings, issues and critique of our performance at the end, it is highly appreciated and makes our day, when you take interest in and share our passion

Enjoy the intellectual Gala

Prof Amjad Salamat
Chairman Organizing Committee