Muhammad Salih
Chair Scientific Committee

Dear colleagues welcome and greetings. We are organizing 15th Annual Conference of Pakistan Society for the Study of Liver Diseases (PSSLD) as hybrid meeting due to COVID 19 pandemic, to minimize the health risks yet not compromising on the need of continuing medical education. The theme of the conference is “Hepatology in changing times”, which not only goes with the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic and also reminds us the progress in Hepatitis Elimination by 2030.

The conference has a blend of distinguished international and national faculty, where every faculty has been a star in the field of hepatology. The scientific program is covering every aspect of day to day hepatology and will whet the appetite of initiates and connoisseurs alike.

The Scientific Program covers relevant and practical concepts in the field of Hepatology. It opens up with Postgraduate course, followed by presentations on practical & clinical hepatology topics and dives into state of the art presentations by an outstanding faculty. Free papers and poster presentations are always been PSSLD annual conferences’ highlights. Best free papers and posters will be rewarded with certificates and cash awards to encourage or trainees and young faculty.  Industries participation will highlight the latest innovations in the field and the ones attending physically can meander into stalls and enjoy themselves.

I would be negligent, if not to ask you, about the impressions and opinions you gather at the end of meeting. I encourage you to please communicate with us at any time during, before or after the meeting to apprise us of our short comings as PSSLD values your opinions and feedback.

I invite you all with great pleasure to an interesting and a great scientific program. It is our privilege to have you all with us these three days to feast on knowledge and science in practice.

We have arranged a great scientific program but you can make it the best with active participation and getting the maximum out of it. Enjoy!

Thanking you all
Mohammad Salih