Integrating Science into Clinical Practice
5 Free Instalations

PSSLD announced for 5 FREE INSTALLATIONS of clinical software ClinTa ( via a lucky draw among first 30 new members of PSSLD. ClinTa is a poduct of Holistic Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd., which is known for consistent quality and innovative ideas. PSSLD is announcing these free installations in collaboration with Holistic Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd.

This clinical software is available in different categories. The most fundamental is ClinTa Basic, which upgrades an information deficient patient presentation into an information reliant healthcare system, where a healthcare provider can be presented with integrated and meaningful information, which can support a clinician not only in diagnosing and treating a patient but also tracking the response rate of the patient towards prescribed medication along with numerous other basic reports in its reporting section. Other categories of Clinta are ClinTa advanced, ClinTa special and ClinTa extended (details are available on ). We are offering these free installations for ClinTa basic.