Categories & Privileges

PSSLD’s membership integrates all professionals dedicated to hepatobiliary discoveries and patient care. It offers diversified activities and privileges for its members with a unified and focused vision. There are many reasons to join PSSLD. As a member, you become the part of all dynamic changes that are transforming the world of Hepatology. It helps you to shape the future of your diagnosis and treatment of a range of liver diseases by providing the required tools and resources.

Full Member

Full membership is awarded to consultants only as per the following critera:

  • a. FCPS in Gastroenterology and Hepatology.
  • b. FCPS in Gen Med with special interest in Hepatology.
  • c. MRCP with CCST in Hepatology or Gastroenterology, and
  • d. American Board in Hepatology or Gastroenterology will be considered as equivalent for membership purposes.
  • e. Qualified (FCPS, MRCS + CSST, American Board) Surgeons and Anesthetists with special interest in Hepatology and Hepatic Transplant.
  • f. Other post graduate diplomas and degrees will be considered in individual basis.
Associate Member

General Physicians, and hepatology-transplant related nurses and paramedics.

Student Member

Medical student and trainees in Hepatology or Gastroenterology can apply for this category. A letter from the department head/supervisor will be needed.

Corporate Member

Individuals / companies belonging to the pharmaceutical industry and medical equipment developers and suppliers.


Rebates and Discounts
  • Conference and meetings
Intimations and Alerts
  • Email intimations of all educational events
  • SMS alerts for event reminders
Extended Access Levels
  • Lectures
  • Videos
  • Presentations
Research Support
  • Research archives with search filters
  • Research Guidelines
  • Research Software
Patient Support
  • Share cases at Members’ forum
  • Part of search at public portal
Recognition and Respect
  • Personalized website for each member
  • PSSLD communication portal
  • PSSLD representation in localized community programs
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