World Hepatitis Day 2023

On World Hepatitis Day 2023, PSSLD (Pakistan Society for the Study of Liver Diseases) is taking a proactive step towards raising awareness and promoting scientific advancements in the field of liver health. To mark this significant day, PSSLD has organized a prestigious scientific program at the renowned Movenpick Hotel in Karachi. The event will gather leading experts, medical professionals, and researchers from around the world to share their knowledge, experiences, and cutting-edge research on hepatitis and liver diseases. The program aims to highlight the importance of early detection, prevention, and effective management of hepatitis infections. By fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange, PSSLD seeks to strengthen the fight against hepatitis and improve liver health outcomes in Pakistan and beyond. Through this initiative, PSSLD aims to inspire and mobilize the healthcare community and the public to take collective action in combating hepatitis and reducing its burden on society.