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Welcome to PSSLD

Pakistan Society for the study of Liver Diseases (PSSLD) is the leading society of Pakistan working for the prevention and control of liver diseases in Pakistan. It organized healthcare professionals to address the rising incidence of liver disease and the lack of awareness among both the general public and the medical community. You can join us for the noble cause of fighting against liver diseases.

PSSLD was founded in 2006 by a small group of dedicated professionals, namely Wasim Jafri, Saeed Hamid, Masood Siddiq and Zaigham Abbas. From a humble beginning it has grown rapidly to become the most active hepatology society of the country.

PSSLD makes a measurable difference in the fight against liver disease by providing and academic forum for learning and knowledge sharing by dedicated gastroenterologists and hepatologists and opportunities for continuing medical education for allied medical professionals. Training future specialists is important, and despite financial constraints we sponsor selected gastroenterology trainees for attend conferences and afford limited budgets for research. For the community, patients, and their families, PSSLD works by public awareness campaigns about liver wellness and disease prevention.

In the globalized society we live in, international collaborations help by providing doctors with the ability to study, work and travel in an international capacity. PSSLD believes that international collaborations are mandatory for the transfer and transformation of knowledge. We were seeking to work with the best physicians and researchers of the world and to share their cutting-edge hepatology knowledge with the physicians and young doctors of Pakistan.

Due to the untiring efforts of our team now PSSLD has been internationally recognized as a professional body and has had collaboration from APASL, SAASL, CSH and ILF-EASL in its recent years. We see value in working together as the common goal gives a meaningful reason to work together, in the overall interest of the community against liver diseases.

PSSLD considers itself as the responsibility holder of hepatology research and career development in Pakistan; hence it holds many meetings every year, including the main annual conference and several shorter seminars and meets around the year. These meetings cater for both the dedicated hepatologists and the general health care professionals, in the form of hands on practical workshops and lectures and papers by the eminent hepatologists from around the country and internationally acknowledged masters in the field.

In our meetings we not only ensure the presence of world renowned names of hepatology but also try to leave no stone unturned to discover and encourage the bright, talented researchers and clinicians across the country.

PSSLD is reaching out to all gastroenterologists and hepatologists in the country, encouraging membership and providing assistance and training. We have held meetings in nearly 20 cities of Pakistan, and are planning more in the near future. Join us and be a part of the team that aims to make Pakistan hepatitis free.

We believe that the students and trainee junior doctors are our future, and they get special privileges during the meetings including free registration, boarding and lodging. They are encouraged to participate in the form of posters and free papers presentations.

We are a young society, just emerging from the throes of its infancy, but we are already looking forward to publishing own journal; developing our library; streamlining the training of post graduates in different disciplines of hepatology; and devising local guidelines

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