World Hepatitis Day 2021

On 25th July, 2021 PSSLD, Express Media Group and Metier Group hosted a live webinar that went successfully and received huge appreciation from experts, academics, doctors and people from all over Pakistan for spreading awareness about Hepatitis and its different causes, urging the people to get tested immediately for it.

The theme of WHD 2021 was based on “HEP CAN’T WAIT”, urging the need to get tested immediately as Hepatitis is taking a precious life in every fifteen minutes in Pakistan. The day was observed in multiple cities like Karachi, Mardan, Faisalabad and Jehlum on different days. Free blood screening tests and awareness walks were arranged on these days to increase awareness about the critical situation of hepatitis in Pakistan among the masses. On 25th July, 2021, PSSLD arranged an online webinar via Facebook with Express Media Group, discussing liver diseases, particularly Hepatitis during Covid-19. Stressing the need to get tested, the renowned experts from Pakistan discussed the critical situation of hepatitis in Pakistan and how it can be prevented and treated effectively. Moreover, on 27th July, WHD was observed at Awari Towers in Karachi, where Sheikh Bashir Ahmad and Asif Baig chaired the event. While Dr. Farina Hanif, Gastroenterologist at Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation moderated this event. Dr. Zaigham Abbas, Dr. Amna Subhan Butt, Nasir Luck, Dr. Fakhar Qazi, and Dr. Zahid Azam discussed in detail the symptoms of Hepatitis, its effects during Covid-19 and the effective measures to manage this disease. On 28th July, 2021, PSSLD and Ziauddin University Hospital jointly hosted a seminar at Abul Hassan Jaffery Auditorium at Ziauddin University Hospital. Dr. Zaigham Abbas and Dr. Khurram Baqai were the speakers at this particular event. A number of people became part of all these events and appreciated the PSSSLD for their efforts to mitigate hepatitis from Pakistan.

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